Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Consultants Physical Therapy Clinic provides a professional staff, a caring environment, and the necessary equipment to assure you optimum recovery after injury or surgery. Patients receive hands on care from trained professionals and a treatment program designed specifically with individual needs and goals. The therapist and physician work as a team and maintain close communication throughout the duration of your therapy. Your road to recovery within the therapy clinic will include direction from our certified physical therapists and support from our on-staff technicians. Our education, dedication, and desire to improve the health of our patients make us qualified to address a full spectrum of patient’s needs.

Through the use of up to date evidence and research based practice techniques, our therapists are able to offer rehabilitation tailored to the specific needs of each patient; from athletes and weekend warriors to domestic engineers and retirees. Our goal is to facilitate a safe return to functional health at their previous level of activity with the least likelihood of re-injury.

We also offer physical therapy services at our West Chester facility.

Orthopaedic Prompt Care
Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
OSMC of West Chester
7798 University Court, West Chester, OH


Our West Chester facility is available for emergency orthopaedic injuries (sprains, broken bones, lacerations, work injuries, etc.) on a "walk-in" basis. Orthopaedic Prompt Care is staffed by OSMC physicians ensuring excellence in your care.

Patients should consider Orthopaedic Prompt Care for any acute orthopaedic injury for which they would go to an urgent care, emergency department, or orthopaedic office. Also, a patient who is in need of physical therapy should consider taking advantage of the services available at this location.


Being sidelined with an injury is the largest threat to athletes today. The goal of Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Consultants, Inc., is to help athletes to get back into the action as soon as safely possible. We work with athletes on healing and recovering from an injury adequately...understanding that an inadequate healing and recovery time can put an athlete at risk for re-injury keeping them out of the game for an extended period of time.

We encourage an accelerated return to the action by providing early diagnosis, treatment, and full functional rehabilitation for the athletes we treat. We provide a full range of sports medicine treatment including:

• Advanced Arthroscopic Surgery--A small incision is made to insert an arthroscope. Other incisions may be made to view other areas of the joint or for insertion of other instruments. As opposed to open surgery, arthroscopic surgery affords patients an easier recovery; however, it does require the use of anesthetics and the special equipment available in a hospital operating room or outpatient surgical suite.

• Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repair--A specialized technique by which visualization and repair of the rotator cuff is performed utilizing mutiple small incisions and arthroscopic technology.

• ACL Reconstruction--When the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is torn, it unravels like a braided rope and does not heal naturally. ACL reconstructive surgery provides many patients with recovery of full function after an ACL tear.

• Team Physicians--As our orthopaedic surgeons and orthopaedists are very action-oriented individuals and have a keen interest in athletics, they are naturals for serving as team physicians at the high school, college and professional levels.


Joint reconstruction is a specialized treatment option in orthopaedics today. As joints become disabled due to arthritis, injury, or overuse/wear and tear, the need for joint reconstruction to enable continued use of the joint or return of joint function becomes a necessity for many patients who have not responded to other forms of treatment.

• Hip, Knee, Shoulder, Ankle Replacements--A medical procedure by which the hip joint is replaced by a synthetic implant is a hip replacement...of all joint replacement surgeries, it is the most successful, cheapest and safest procedure. For patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis or more frequently osteoarthritis of the knee, knee replacement, or anthroscopy of the knee, is a commonly performed operation done to relieve the pain and disability caused by these conditions. Shoulder replacement surgery for arthritis may be considered for patients who do not respond to other treatments. The shoulder joint is replaced by an artificial ball for the top of the humerus and a cap (glenoid) for the scapula. Ankle replacement (replacing the ankle joint with an artificial joint - arthroplasty) is now possible and is an innovative, new surgical technique for patients who do not respond to or have the option of other forms of treatment for their condition.

• Computer Assisted--
Our surgeons are trained and equipped to perform Computer Assisted Orthopaedic Surgery or C.A.O.S. This procedure allows the surgeon to more accurately pinpoint anatomical landmarks that otherwise might be hard to see in a small incision. The surgeon can navigate through different bone cuts and finally to implantation through this technique.

• Minimal Incision--
Our surgeons are trained and equipped to perform minimal incision surgery. This procedure allows the surgeon to perform surgery/joint replacement through one or more smaller incisions. Qualifying candidates for minimal incision surgery include those patients who are typically thinner, younger, healthier and greatly motivated to make a quicker recovery.

• Alternative Bearings--Our surgeons seek to incorporate the best and most appropriate materials for joint replacements. The materials used for implants are continually being improved. Alternative bearings are one such improvement...considered to be highly wear-resistant and an "alternative" to conventional polyethylene. The bearing surfaces of today are the result of research which is ongoing to develop materials which have improved wear resistance and endure longer.

• Partial Knee Replacement--There are three compartments to the knee joint. If the damage to the knee is limited to either the medial or lateral compartment, a partial knee replacement may be appropriate. The partial or unicompartmental knee replacement is a viable alternative in this situation. The "uni," as it is often called, is utilized to replace just a single compartment of the arthritic knee.

• Mobile Bearing Knees--For patients who fit the description of younger, more active, and/or overweight, a recommendation of a rotating platform/mobile-bearing knee replacement may be made. It is designed for potentially longer performance with less wear. The mobile-bearing knee replacement can minimize premature wear situations caused by maximum contact stress and premature loosening situations caused by over-constraint.


When it comes to children's bones and joints, they are not just small adults. The problems they have with their musculoskeletal system are unique. The best-trained specialist and most-experienced doctor to properly evaluate and treat the bone, joint, or muscle problems of a child who is still growing is the pediatric orthopaedist.

• Sports Medicine--Athletic activity for children and teens often causes them to experience some discomfort. Some aches and pains can be expected as their bones and muscles are growing, and their level of physical activity may increase with a sudden, intense interest in sports. However, careful attention to their complaints is always warranted. Leaving an injury untreated can lead to unnecessary permanent damage and interfere with a child's normal physical growth.

A child who experiences a problem that persists or that affects their athletic participation or performance should have an examination by an orthopaedic surgeon regardless of whether the injury is acute or due to overuse.

Typically, for a child with any significant injury, treatment will involve specific recommendations for a temporary or permanent adjustment in their athletic schedule. Treatment recommendations may range from minor changes in the athletic level to a recommendation that the athletic activity be discontinued. A combination including physical therapy, strengthening exercises, and bracing may also be prescribed depending on the injury's severity.

• Fractures--Our doctors decide on the best treatment for children's fractures on a case-by-case basis. Their goal is to keep children out of the hospital as much as possible and allow them to be mobile as soon as possible.


People of all ages and occupations make constant use of their hands. Due to the importance of the health and agility of your hands, any abnormality can be a cause for concern. Our orthopaedic surgeons regularly diagnose and treat many common hand problems that may interfere with your daily activities.

• Carpal Tunnel--Initially, treatment often consists of wearing a brace or splint at night to keep the wrist in a natural position. The brace or splint may also be worn during a patient's activities during which they experience an aggravation of symptoms. Over-the-counter pain relievers may also help decrease the pain. Instruction and recommendations for a change in the pattern of hand use may also aid in relief of symptoms and aggravations of the condition. Temporary relief may be afforded the patient through a corticosteroid injection; however, symptoms may return.

Should the carpal tunnel syndrome continue despite the incorporation of non-surgical treatments, the symptoms can be diminished through surgery. As carpal tunnel syndrome is not a dangerous problem, the severity of the symptoms is usually the deciding factor when deciding on the necessity of surgery.


Work place injuries account for a substantial number of knee, shoulder, and ankle problems and carpal tunnel cases each year. When experiencing problems in these areas as a result of work injuries, seeking the early diagnosis and skilled treatment recommendations of an orthopaedic surgeon can make the difference between recovery of function or suffering a permanent impairment. All of our orthopaedic surgeons are highly qualified to diagnose and treat injured workers and are certified by the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation.

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